We can provide cartoon art in the form of personal gift items, logos, T-shirt designs, personalized invitations and many other forms. Ricky's talent in cartooning is used for drawing a quick five-minute caricature portrait that provides entertainment and would be great for your next party, convention, trade show or store opening. Caricature drawing by Ricky is a great tool for attracting people to your store or business. When you hire Ricky to entertain for several hours, people love receiving the complimentary drawing that can include your logo on it for an additional fee.  Ricky's company motto is "I can really draw a crowd" and if it is a crowd you need, see Ricky for caricature drawing for your event, store promotion or convention.

  Ricky has provided over 48 years of editorial cartoons on Mississippi politics to over 40 newspapers and is the editorial cartoonist for  The Mississippi Business Journal, so if your newspaper is lacking that personal touch, subscribe to Ricky Nobile Cartoons editorial cartoon service.

   Ricky Nobile cartoon art can be used to create a personal portrait as a gift for special occasions. These are drawn in an 11x14 pen and ink format ready for framing. Prices range from $35 to $100, depending on how much content you involve in the portrait.

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      Ricky will draw 3 hours for a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner to entertain your guests  .... caricature art makes an extra special happy for them to take home and is entertaining to watch as well. He does these drawings on customized paper with your wedding info across the bottom. He also provides an 11 x 14 pen and ink drawing of the bride and groom, drawn with their specifics, that can be framed and matted so guests can write their best wishes around it, or just simply framed and displayed at reception, and becomes a wonderful wedding keepsake.


(Tax included)      add $5.00 for shipping

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PUBLISHED IN AUGUST 2016, MY BOOK, "Home Grown, Home Drawn! 45 Years of Mississippi Editorial Cartoons" is available at LEMURIA BOOK STORE in Jackson, MAIN STREET BOOKS in Hattiesburg, and COTTON ROW BOOKSTORE in Cleveland, or by contacting me OR on facebook page RICKY NOBILE CARTOONS..


  • Birthday
  • Graduation
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Bosses' Day
  • Retirement
  • Sports Star or
  • Come up with your own reason to gift that special someone with caricature art!

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